Procurenow INVITES a panel of Purchasing Directors and Industry Experts to talk Paperless Bidding, electronic Bid bonding, and paper/paperless combinations, and why it all matters!

Demystifying Bid Bonds and Electronic Bidding with ProcureNow

Hosted by
Thao Hill

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June 11th
11:00 am PDT

Here's What We're Discussing

0% Paper? 100% Paperless? 80/20? 50/50?

How close to 100% paperless can you go and still be compliant? Do some forms HAVE to be paper? What about a confirmation check box versus a signed PDF? What's acceptable? Does it matter? We'll get to the bottom of this!

Moving Complex Engineering and Construction Bids to Electronic Bidding

Will your bidders love it or hate it? And how can you make a process that's complex from the start intuitive and self-guided?

Our bidders tell us and tell their governments it's the easiest online bidding system they've ever used. We'll dig into why.

Paper versus Scan+Mail Bid Bonds

What are the pros and cons of each. Is one better than the other? We'll share some stories from folks who have experience working with them all

The World of Electronic Surety Bonds

We are excited to have the team from SuretyWave with us to educate us about the world of electronic bid bonds and how you can eliminate both paper and potential fraud.